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Unlimited Computers vs. "Unlimited" Storage - SafeCopy Backup

Unlimited Computers vs. “Unlimited” Storage

You Do the Math

Many of our competitors offer “unlimited storage” which is limited to a single computer. If your household or small business has more than one computer, you are required to purchase and manage multiple accounts. SafeCopy starts with a generous 200GB or 300GB plan for all your computers. We think it’s an amazing deal; but you do the math.

Is “Unlimited” Limited?

Many “unlimited” plans are subject to Fair Usage policies which will warn and even disable your account when you exceed their average user storage thresholds. These companies offering “unlimited” accounts have had a difficult time drawing a line between appropriate Use verses Abuse. Take a minute to Google unlimited backup and fair use policy to see for yourself.

The SafeCopy Approach

Rather than negotiate the unfortunate inherent issues with unlimited plans, we built a generous offering where the storage belongs to you. Please use it on as many computers as you like. This also eliminates the abuse and the related strain on bandwidth and storage.