5GB free backup for life

All the features of a paid account
No credit card needed


How we are different

Simple Secure Backup

image Select the folders you want and automatically backup any new or changed files.  Service runs in the background without slowing down your computer. Encrypted with SSL 256-bit before leaving your computer and stored using military grade 448-bit encryption.

Backup all your computers with one account

image You pay for storage, so there is no per computer charge.  Install the software on as many computers as you like. in 16 different languages. Keep a backup of old computers just in case.

Restore files with confidence

image Files are never automatically removed from your account.  If you delete a file from your computer, it shows as "deleted" but is still available to restore.  Unlimited historical versions are retained allowing you to restore everything from a prior date.

Share and Sync

image Sync folder which keeps a local copy of files on all the computers in your account.  File too large for email? Easily share large files and folders using a private share link.

Paid Backup Plans

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    Team Backup – 500GB per user

    Online backup for teams and businesses.

    From: $16.00 / month Purchase Now

    Everything in Personal Backup

    Shared space equal to 500GB times the number of users

    Secure account management

    Optional storage limits across accounts

    Manage connected computers and logged in sessions per account

  • Select options

    Personal Backup 500GB

    Online backup with 500GB storage space with one user account.

    From: $8.00 / month Purchase Now

    500GB of storage to use as you like

    Unlimited number of computers can be added to the backup account

    Manage connected computers and logged in sessions

    Upgrade to a Team account at any time.


Trusted by over 600,000 people world-wide

I accidentally over-wrote a file that I edited with a different version that was completely different. Then I thought “I have that on SafeCopy” and sure enough – the file was restored in less than 2 minutes!

I have genealogy records as well as business records that I can’t afford to loose so your
service has been my salvation. Thanks again.

Thanks once again for your fast and thorough answer. Support like this is such a rare thing. As you describe your storage implementation and how it handles new machines and reinstalls, this is nothing short of brilliant! I think you’ve got yourself a new customer.

Overall I’m very impressed with the service so far. The upload speeds are great. I tried and dumped (undisclosed competitor). Their upload speed was ridiculously slow. Woulda taken months to complete the initial backup.  So far, so good! Keep up the good work!”

5GB free backup for life

All the features of a paid account
No credit card needed